Online Karate (English)


Online KARATE-DOJO (English class)

Karate instruction by ZOOM started immediately after the
spread of the new coronavirus.
‘Teaching karate online.Is such a thing really possible?"
We started with a lot of doubts.

However, within a few months of starting, these doubts were
replaced by great possibilities.

We realised that not only could the instructor and students
line up on one screen and compare their movements,
but they could also videotape and analyse their movements
carefully after practice.

The amount of two-way communication, which was not
sufficient in a Dojo where many students are being taught at
once, has increased dramatically.

It is now possible to teach traditional body techniques and
principles of Kenpo that had never before been explained to
the students to their satisfaction.

On the other hand, the travel time, cost and energy previously
spent to receive instruction has been reduced to almost zero.

Surprisingly, the scope of instruction has expanded from the
area around the dojo to the whole world at once.

International exchange through the Japanese martial art of
Karate-do has become a reality.

I am currently teaching an Indian student (3rd dan in Shotokan karate) living in Dubai.
He plans to open mixed online and real Dojos in Oman and
India next year.
And the year after, he is also looking at a London Dojo.
In that case, a small online Dojo in Japan is likely to become
the Headquarters.

We will continue to introduce the infinite possibilities of
martial arts and the philosophy of not fighting to the world
through next-generation karate instruction that combines the
online and real world.

Practice guidance

Practice time: In principle, 70 minutes/time

Monthly fee:

①Normal class: 30 usd month/once a week (max 5 student)
*It is also possible to participate in other classes within the

②Private class: From 50 usd per month/once a week
(individual or family unit)

③Corporate/group classes: 180 usd/month/once a week
70 minutes lessen, up to 20 students

*Please inquire about times, time slots, and number of sessions

Admission fee: None

Instructor:Haruo Fujimoto

e.mail :
mobil phone : +81-80-4365-0861
HP :

*Guidance for about 1 year in Alicante, Spain
*Instructor License Isuued by California Stats Teaching credential
Instructed as a California-certified karate instructor for about two and a half years
*Goju-ryu Karatedo 4th Dan (former All Japan Karatedo Gojukai
* Founder of Goshinkai which instruct mainly karate for self-defence