Specified non-profit organization ESCOT

Purpose of Activities This corporation seeks the participation of not only transport companies and shipper companies, but also a wide range of academic experts and general individuals, and conducts various projects to make transport systems more efficient and multi-functional, and not only to reduce the environmental impact of transport. The aim is to establish a transportation system for disaster relief and international cooperation, and to contribute to a wide range of unspecified needs.

Furthermore, activities to reduce environmental impact will be widely promoted without being limited to the transportation field.

Main office (concurrently serving as Kashiwa Environmental Research Institute): Moved from Tokyo Ochanomizu in September 2020

        4-17 Azumakami-cho, Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture 277-0011



URL: https://npo-escot.org

Experimental/R&D facility: Onjuku Town Test Center 
768-22 Kamifuse, Onjuku Town, Isumi District, Chiba Prefecture 299-5111

Main research overview

Started selling wave-type upwelling pump “Ocean Muddler”

Solar heat recovery system “Heator Panel” now on sale

Disaster prevention eco window fittings “Glass Protector” now on sale

Marine container transport matching support project in progress

Other research and development  


History of establishment

April 1997: Energy-saving transportation measures meeting held (voluntary organization) established.

*As an organization that supports environmental efficiency in the international transportation field.

February 28, 2002 Obtained certification as a specified non-profit organization
13 Seikyo City Special No. 1327

Inherited the energy and environmental technology business of SER (Soft Energy Research) since 2003.

Officers and supporting staff (as of February 2023)

 Chairman Haruo Fujimoto  Chairman Career
 Vice Chairman Kuichi Yokoyama Vice Chairman
 Toshinori Yamagata Director
 Yoshinori Suzue Auditor Masao
 Katsushi Matsubara
 (in no particular order) 

Advisor tax accountant Okada Accounting Office Jun
Okada Bank Mizuho Bank Toyocho Branch / Chiba Bank Kashiwa Branch / Rakuten Bank

Activities under the Specified Nonprofit Activities Promotion Act
   (1) Activities for environmental conservation
   (2) Disaster relief activities

Activity overview/achievements

   (1) IT: Various container logistics related businesses, CO2 reduction certification business in container transportation
   (2) People: Energy saving coordinator training and activity support
   (3) Exchange: Planning and operation of seminars and training sessions
   (4) Technology: Wave pump Development, solar thermal utilization system, disaster prevention technology development 
Development/dissemination of “green business” that integrates 1 to 4

Main transaction results

(1) Logistics-related
     ① Sano City
     ② Saitama Prefectural Office
     ③ Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, members of the Container Round Use Promotion Preparatory Committee
     ④ Japan Management Association Research Institute      ⑤ Minato
     Research Foundation  ⑥ Japan Logistics Systems Association

(2) Environmental technology
     ① Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries subsidized project
      “Demonstration project for establishing cutting-edge model agriculture through collaboration between the agricultural and business worlds”
     ② Chiba Prefecture Livestock Research Center
     ③ YKK AP Co., Ltd. Research Institute
     ④ National university corporation Kagoshima University Faculty of Architecture
     ⑤ National research Development Corporation: National Agriculture and Food Technology Research Organization
     ⑥ Member of Land Aquaculture Study Group (sponsored by Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)
     ⑦ Solar Energy Society
     ⑧ Okinawa Prefectural Headquarters Noshita Hospital
     ⑨ Sun Junior Co., Ltd.
     ⑩ Kogakuin University, Faculty of Architecture
     ⑪ Chiba Prefecture Agricultural Specialist Association Isumi Branch
     ⑫ Shibaura Institute of Technology (joint development of wave-type upwelling pump)
     ⑬ Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University (delivery of solar heat recovery system)
      , etc. 

Members and affiliated/cooperating organizations (as of July 2023) 

8 supporting members

Regular members: 41 companies

8 supporting members:

  • Kyodo Freighters Co., Ltd.
  • Shift Service Co., Ltd.
  • Yoshida Transportation Co., Ltd.
  • Suzuyo Motor Transport Co., Ltd.
  • Kuwa Warehouse Co., Ltd.
  • Yamaraku Transport Co., Ltd.
  • Aobara Transport Co., Ltd.
  • Maruyama Transportation Co., Ltd.

41 regular member companies :

  • Tanita Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Management Association Research Institute, Inc.
  • Japan Freightliner Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Freight Railway Co., Ltd. 
  • Sirius Consulting Co., Ltd. 
  • Hayakawa Maritime Transportation Co., Ltd.
  • Gunma Jikahai Transport Co., Ltd.
  • Koriyama Truck Center Business Cooperative Association
  • Tokyo Boeki Transport Co., Ltd.
  • Prandor Co., Ltd.
  • APT Co., Ltd.
  • Eishin Transportation Co., Ltd.
  • Yoshida Transportation Co., Ltd.
  • Yamaniya Logistics Service Co., Ltd.
  • Otake Transportation Co., Ltd.
  • Yashio Transportation Co., Ltd.
  •  Hoyu Service Co., Ltd.
  • Ibaraki Prefecture Transportation Business Cooperative Association
  • Sano City Hall
  • U-Palette (Yugensha Desiree)
  • EF International Co., Ltd.
  • Kanto Service Co., Ltd.
  • Tradeshift Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Atom Logistics Co., Ltd.
  • Noshiro Transportation Co., Ltd.
  • Try Wall Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Shirai Eco Center Co., Ltd.
  • eco planning
  • Takst Co., Ltd.
  • Rockit Global Co., Ltd.
  • Kowa Transport Co., Ltd.
  • Tatsumi Transport Co., Ltd.
  • OCL Logistics (Japan) Co., Ltd.
  • Mr. Masashi Kamio (individual member, logistics advisor)
  •  Gikogyo Co., Ltd.
  • Minato Research Foundation
  • Japan Transcity Co., Ltd.
  • Tsuyoshi Fujimoto (individual member: surgeon)
  • Cynthians LLC
  • Nihon Technology Private Limited
  • Oparts Co., Ltd.
  • Marubeni Logistics Co., Ltd.

Technical advisor/partner

Yoshiharu Yokoo: Innovation Coordinator, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

Mr. Kotaro Tanaka: Professor, Shibaura Institute of Technology

Mr. Shinji Nishimura: Director of Kyodo Building Research Institute, 1st class architect

2022 Business Report

From January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022

Specified non-profit organization Escott

<Basic policy>
We carried out activities in various fields such as technology, logistics, and networks, keeping in mind the following points.
Achievements in the general discussion:
1) Conducted activities to disseminate the policy and background philosophy of the SDGs.
2) Conducted concrete empirical research and activities to disseminate support items as climate change countermeasures.

1 Business report summary

① Transportation efficiency promotion project: Total expenses 40,223 yen

*We provided matching support and disseminated new knowledge through monthly cross-industry exchanges via ZOOM.
*Developed CO2 reduction certificate issuing system “CORCS” and established an implementation system.
* Established lashing laws and rights/responsibilities for courier transport using sea containers.
*Continued and evolved research into container logistics support systems that utilize QR codes.

② Packaging material effective use promotion project: Total expenses 1,320 yen 

We provided support through a matching platform.
③ Educational/awareness projects such as holding seminars: Total expenses: 0 yen 

*Monthly online meetings were held to match human resources and resolve various issues.

④ Environmental equipment development promotion project: Total expenses 173,658 yen

*Continued with demonstration research on wave pumps that can help restore fisheries resources, fix CO2 in the ocean, and control typhoons by cooling sea surface temperatures.
*We applied to the Ministry of the Environment and the Global Environment Fund for the above research. (80% subsidy)
*In order to secure the above research area, permission was obtained for the fishing cooperative area (600m from the port).
* Demonstration tests have begun in Samenoura Bay, Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture.
* Conducted information exchange activities with overseas companies.
*“Disaster prevention eco-window” was introduced on a trial basis at a facility for the elderly.
*Introduced solar heat utilization to Nishikigoi producers and provided subsequent support activities.
⑤ Risk management research/consulting business: Total expenses: 0 yen (does not include personnel costs, transportation costs, and communication costs)

*Made business support recommendations to Sano Inland Port.

2023 business plan

From January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023

Specified non-profit organization Escott

<Basic policy>
Continue to develop and disseminate technologies for energy creation, energy conservation, and environmental load reduction.
Improve, strengthen, and continue activities to build a logistics system that reduces environmental impact.

1) Focus on the policies and philosophy of SDGs.
2) Be more aware of the time limit for climate change countermeasures and take concrete and effective actions.
3) Take on the challenge of developing technologies and systems that are not bound by preconceived ideas.
4) In order to implement the above items, we will thoroughly improve profitability and reduce costs.
*Strengthening collaboration with NPOs, universities, and overseas companies

1 Business overview
① Transportation efficiency promotion project:
* Evolution and continuation of development of container logistics visualization system using QR code
* Popularization of CO2 reduction certificate issuance business
* Establishment of a logistics system linked with domestic transport = Collaboration with online period transport
② Project to promote effective use of resources (renamed from Effective Use of Packaging Materials)
*Development of new ways to use disposable pallets and packaging materials: Utilization in no-till agriculture/floating fishing reefs/floating farming, etc.
③ Educational and enlightenment projects such as holding seminars 
*Continuation and improvement of monthly webinar planning and operation

④ Environmental equipment development promotion project

☆ Wave-type upwelling pump related: *
Continuing demonstration research on wave pumps that will help restore fisheries resources, fix CO2 in the ocean, and control typhoons by cooling sea surface temperatures
*Empirical research in Fisheries Cooperative area (600m from the port)
*Empirical research in Samenoura Bay, Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture (verification of effectiveness in scallop farming)
*Activation of information exchange activities with overseas companies
*Solar radiation and surface water temperature Analysis of the relationship between high temperatures
☆ Promotion of crime prevention, disaster prevention, and energy saving in existing buildings using disaster-prevention eco-windows
* Expansion in elderly care facilities (bathrooms, gathering spaces, etc.)
☆ Promotion of solar heat use * Substitution
of “solar heat use” for electricity use Activities to communicate superiority
*Collaboration activities with solar water heater manufacturers

⑤ Consulting business 
* Green tech support consulting business started
* Collaboration between Sano City Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Sano Inland Port
* Development and overseas expansion of export items = compost, roasted sweet potatoes, etc.
* Research and development of skills export = Ramen making know-how (Sano Ramen Master) system), online worship to ward off evil spirits, and other online export of technician know-how and special skills

*If you would like the latest information, please contact us below.

Reception email

Escott NPO
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Chiba Prefecture 277-0011 768-22 Kamifuse, Onjuku-cho, Isumi-gun, Chiba
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