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“Logistics efficiency improvement using QR code/mobile marketing by status + reception disclosure”
1. What is a QR code
?2. Utilization example
3. Visualization with QR code + Plus
4. Specific usage example
5. Differences from car recruitment sites

Overview: Enhance mobile objects (truck bodies/containers, etc.) as a means of communication. Through this, the company aims to reduce empty vehicle runs as much as possible, improve logistics efficiency, and increase driver earnings.


“ Plans and proposals for 2024/25 issues ”

Overview: Presentation materials on improving the efficiency of maritime container transportation, 2023.09.15 Zenryokuren Seminar



“Reusable pallet that can be assembled and disassembled (third pallet: FiX3RD Fixard)”

“How to assemble and use the Mitsuba type 3rd pallet for drums”

“Mitsuba type 3rd pallet utilization plan for drums”

Overview: A sustainable technology that contributes to reducing industrial waste and improving transportation efficiency.
   In particular, the Mitsuba type 3rd pallet
   is a highly recommended item that has been thoroughly considered to be reusable, greatly increasing the loading efficiency of transporting drums, eliminating the risk of cargo collapse.

Provided by: Oparts Co., Ltd./Escot regular member


Title: “Domestic Utilization of Duty-Free Containers/Proposal for Integrated Transportation with Domestic and International EC Logistics”

Overview: Proposal for transporting racks with casters using international sea containers


Title: “Photo collection of lashing methods for racks with casters”

Summary: A photo album showing belts and scaffolding steel pipes installed inside the container.


Title: “Sainokuni Alliance, Container Round Youth Promotion Council”

Overview: Presentation materials at the Container Round Youth Promotion Council sponsored by Saitama Prefecture


Title: “Plan to improve maritime container transport efficiency by building the Michinoku Alliance”

Overview: Promoting resource sharing among container transport companies in the Tohoku region


Title: “J-Credit: Improving the efficiency of maritime container transportation”

Overview: Container land use is the J-Credit methodology.

Title: “NPO certification for CO2 reduction”

Overview: Calculate and certify CO2 reduction in container round use


Title: “Proposal for improving container transportation efficiency using QR codes”

Overview: Proposal for devising an access method via QR code


Title: “Container round use materials using SOC (containers from other companies)”

Overview: SOC matching usage example materials