Disaster prevention eco-window: For typhoon, crime, and noise countermeasures! Of course, it is an eco-window product that is energy-saving (patented product)
and can apply for energy-saving subsidies.

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*Different from shatterproof film.

*Initial investment of about 2,000 yen for one window (hollow polycarbonate + 4 sets of attachment fittings)

*Half the loss of utility costs from windows

*High disaster prevention, crime prevention, and soundproofing effects

*No labor required for DIY

*Detachable to existing apartment complexes , can be relocated

*Usually installed in 2 days

*Long-term durability equal to or higher than that of buildings

*Same material with high strength as bulletproof glass

*Highly flame retardant unlike acrylic and PVC

*PL insurance up to 100 million yen
  • For improving the learning environment in hot and cold school classrooms.
  • For energy-saving renovations at hospitals and elderly care facilities that require 24-hour air conditioning throughout the year.
  • For soundproofing on highways, airports, and noise-generating areas.
  • For crime prevention measures in areas where you are concerned about suspicious persons, burglaries, etc.
  • For strengthening window glass in highlands and coastal areas where strong winds occur frequently.
  • For preventing broken windows at golf courses, ball fields, and near volcanoes.
  • For energy-saving renovations of companies, organizations, and governments promoting ESG and SDGs.
  • For strengthening the security of warehouses storing important supplies such as medicines and food.
  • For a company that was interested in energy-saving renovations and improving disaster prevention capabilities, but was hesitant due to cost and construction time.
  • For UV protection in warehouses, etc.
  • To reduce the risk of broken windows in conflict areas.

Evaluation: Received the “Manufacturing Idea Award” for its unique effect in preventing window cracking in Japan.
Escott received the Energy Globe Award , the most prestigious award in the energy field, in 2016.
This is a disaster prevention and eco-friendly product recommended by Mr. Nishimura, a first-class architect from Kyodo Building Research Institute .
It is also registered as a return gift for hometown tax donations in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture .
Window glass prevention structure and special metal fittings set = special metal fittings on the glass surface + insulation reinforcement material

We accept orders starting from 8 sets.
*One set in the photo covers a 50cm x 50cm glass surface, and 4 sets are required for a 1m x 1m window.

*If you currently have windows with double glazing or more, please contact us in advance. Bolt length may be changed.

It is DIY compatible, so there is no construction cost and the construction time is 2 days. Reinforcement material can be removed freely. Can also be installed with 4mm thick veneer
Easy to remove and remove for cleaning. When moving, the metal fittings can be removed and reused at the new location.
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Reinforcement, high insulation, crime prevention, soundproofing (on main roads), reduction of utility costs, etc.
Strength test:
Drop an 80g iron ball from a height of 1m onto a glass surface + special metal fittings + hollow polycarbonate board

youtube video-1

youtube video-2

Insulation test:
Compare dew condensation by layering the left and right, top and bottom halves of a single window with hollow polycarbonate.

Approximately twice the insulation effect (heat reflux rate: 2.9w/k.m2.sec)

Crime prevention measures:
Approximately 70% of break-ins occur through windows.

Security and energy saving measures for bay windows

Measures against strong winds for second floor windows

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Collaboration with Kyodo Building Research Institute
: Construction on the windows of an elderly welfare facility that operates 24 hours a day and night, introduced for crime prevention and power saving purposes, Kashiwa City Y Welfare Facility
Soundproofing effect:
Has a noise reduction effect of approximately 16dB.

The noise comes from a location approximately 40m away from the main road.

Utility cost reduction:
Amortized in about 2 years: Calculated based on window area of ​​10m2
Smart daylighting:
Shade blocking in summer, daylighting in winter: The ribbed surface on the side of the hollow polycarbonate blocks sunlight from a high position in summer.
On the other hand, in winter, light from a low angle is reflected on the ribbed surface, allowing the light to penetrate deep into the room.
UV protection:
Prevents discoloration of items stored in warehouses due to UV rays and reduces lighting costs by blocking light.
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Regarding installation on the window:
I used bath glue (silicone) to hold a 10 liter bucket for a week.
Double-sided tape is weak against water and will soften.
After the adhesive hardens, it will peel off on impact.
Also, if you apply silicone directly to hollow polycarbonate, the polycarbonate will deteriorate due to component reactions.
Summary of features
     Features             explanation
     Flame retardance Unlike acrylic etc., polycarbonate is difficult to catch fire and burn.
 External or double-sided insulationMulti-layered reinforcement can be added to the windows of  existing buildings.
    selective lighting It blocks out light in the summer and lets in sunlight in the winter, brightening and warming the room.
    Crime prevention/disaster prevention Hollow polycarbonate glass changes the common sense that “glass can break.”
    sound reduction soundproofing 
It has a sound reduction effect of  approximately 16 db Houses facing the main road are located approximately 40 meters away from each other to reduce noise . Also useful  as a countermeasure against noise caused by aircraft, etc.
   Air layer adjustmentYou can  freely choose the length of the bolt and adjust the air layer.
   Reflection angle adjustment The angle of sunlight reflection can be changed by adjusting the vertical and horizontal bolts .  Overhanging is also possible by making the top bolt longer than the bottom.
    Long life Since it is a UV- blocking roofing material, it has a lifespan almost as long as the building itself .
    high strength It is the same material used in aircraft, bullet train windows, and bulletproof glass.
    lightweight It is lightweight at 1kg/m2, so it will not damage window rails.
 Also, the risk of injury if you fall is extremely low.

 It has also been adopted in many condominiums.
   UV protection It blocks UV rays so it won’t damage indoor furniture or floors  Adopted to prevent carton burn in warehouses.
   Freely removable Easy to remove, clean, and replace by turning the nut. There are countermeasures that can be taken to prevent crime. Please contact us. 
Performance comparison with other methods:
High heat insulation, high strength, and low cost. Approximately 2,000 yen for a 91cm x 91cm window.
Awards and others:
Manufacturing Idea Award,
Eco Company Award,
Kashiwa City Hometown Tax Return Gift Certification,
Kashiwa City Eco Window Subsidy Certification Product
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This product was developed to make glass less likely to break. It’s easy to use, just attach special bolts to the outside of the window glass, insert the hollow polycarbonate plate, and tighten with the special fittings. This greatly reduces the risk of window breakage caused by typhoons. It also has a security effect against intrusion through windows. It also has high insulation performance and reduces the amount of heat entering and exiting through windows by about half, resulting in energy savings of about 30%. In addition, hollow polycarbonate has a noise reduction effect of 16 db, making it recommended for those who live along trunk lines or near airports.
Hollow polycarbonate board (182cm x 91cm, thickness 4mm) can be purchased at your local hardware store. Instructions for installation, cleaning, removal, and movement are included with the product.

[Test results]
1. The insulation and heat shielding ability of window glass is limited (the area with only window glass is cold in winter and hot in summer)
2. The combination of panels and blinds retains heat in winter, shields heat in summer, and protects against direct sunlight. Effective as a countermeasure against the deterioration of the computer office environment
3. There is no problem in terms of strength even if the window glass and hollow polycarbonate plate are made more than 1 cm. *Results from two typhoons 
4. If the window bolts are moved too far inward Warping occurs, which seems to be caused by heat.

[1 set includes]
1 stainless steel base plate (3 cm in diameter), 1
stainless steel coin nut (3 cm in diameter), 1
stainless steel bolt (3 mm in diameter, 7 mm in length, dish shape), 1 set includes
x 12 We will deliver the set.
[*Note: If you wish to use it as a disaster prevention eco window, you will need hollow polycarbonate (182cm x 91cm, thickness 4mm) and silicone in addition to the gift item (disaster prevention eco metal fittings). Please purchase at a home center, etc.]
[Recommended silicone Manufacturer: Konishi Co., Ltd. Product name: Bathbond Q Product number: #04888]
*As a guideline, the number of window bolts required is one per 50cm x 50cm square.

Revised general catalog

Disaster prevention eco-window introduction manual

Example-1: Kashiwa City Hall

Example-2: Hachimanen

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